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fees for Florida Homeowners.

Hello, I'm Coach Santoni, A licensed real estate Broker with over 25 years of sales experience. 

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

Based on today's technology the internet has changed the way you should list & sell your home.

With over 96% of all home buyers use the world wide web to shop for real estate. It would be foolish for you pay more than 1.5% to list your home.

We reduced our rates several years ago to save our clients, friends and neighbors thousands of equity dollars Compared to traditional big box real estate firms.

We provide all the same professional real estate services you've come to expect. But, for thousands of dollars less than traditional real estate listing companies.

We gather all the information needed to properly price, stage, and sell your home in today's competitive real estate market.

  You will net more equity dollars when we sell your home. And you'll always receive full brokerage representation.

Let's take a closer look at our Listing Program

Our listing fee is only 1.5%

You decide how much you wish to offer a buyer's agency if they provide a qualified buyer for your property.

** Bonus Offer **

When you list your home with Coach Santoni and he sell's your home without another real estate agency or realtor involved in the transaction.

will only pay our 1.5% listing fee and a 1.5% buyer's agency selling fee. Saving your thousands more in home selling costs.


Let's do the Math:

For this example, we'll use a $500,000 property:
$500,000 Selling price 

   x 6.0 %      Traditional Big Box Real Estate Fees  

=$30,000 charged to Sell your home
When you list with a traditional Real Estate Agency.

*Now let's compare:

 Same $500,000 Selling price
 x 1.5 % Listing Fee offered by Coach Santoni 

= $7,500 for Full-Service representation

Our reduced rate of 1.5% may just save you.


For the same full-service representation that traditional real estate offices charge 5% to 6% for.

"Remember you could pay more, but why would You."

Call Today for your Free in-home listing consultation. It costs nothing but could save you thousands of dollars.



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What my clients are saying  

Coach Santoni went beyond the scope of a normal realtor in our opinion. He helped us overcome a permitting issue on our garage. And with his List 4 Less program saved us over $17k in listing fees. Another real estate company we spoke to Coldwell Banker wouldn't even discus a discount on fees. Being in the military we've moved around a lot, I can say without a doubt working with Coach Santoni was by far our best experience ever selling a home. He's worth more then what he charges.


~ Corky Newcombe

I highly recommend Coach Santoni if your looking for realtor who will represent you every step of the way. He helped us navigate through a lengthy inspection report and resolved some issues so we had a smooth closing. He also saved us a lot of money.


~ Jeffrey Han

Coach sold my house within 24 hours.  He is not only a good realtor, but he will be in your corner to get you the best deal.  You cannot go wrong with him on your side.   He also helped me find my new home. Together, we negotiated a great deal and he was there for the home inspection to help me understand the issues that the inspector uncovered. He made the whole experience less stressful.


~ Nada Samuelson

If you ever need a Realtor, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Santoni of Not only did he manage to get our house listed and sold during these difficult times, but he has also been extremely helpful in other ways that are not really within the scope of a Realtors duties. He is also very prompting responding to my text messages, emails and phone calls--something I find very important in a Realtor. Last but certainly not least, he gives you a break on the Listing fee. If you are looking for an excellent Realtor, call him!


~ Elaine McDonald

I was a little hesitant to go with a smaller company but we are very pleased we did. We interviewed other discount real estate company's like Rex and Redfin as well. However once we sat with Coach Santoni and talked to him about our property and his services it was a no brainer. Coach's numbers were right on and he sold our home in 48 hours. He also represented us during all inspections even attended the closing. We have sold a lot of homes in the past and this was by far the best experience we ever had. I highly recommend Coach Santoni if your looking for professional representation, experience and a sincere person to represent you.


~ James & Tania Bush

As a retired woman I was very careful who I decided to list my home for sale with. I spoke with the usual company's, Remax , Coldwell Banker and Coach Santoni. I had received his post card many times and felt I at least needed to compare his program. Well am I happy I did. Not only did he sell my home in less then two days, he sold it for several thousand dollars over the asking price. I was so happy, I asked him to help me find my new home. Which he did, and he negotiated a price I was comfortable with. Let me just say this. If your on a fixed budget and need an honest person to help you sell your home. You would be foolish not to hire Coach Santoni to be your realtor. It was a very good experience for me and I'm happy I did.


~ Patty Runyon

If Your Looking for a professional realtor who cares about the job his does for you, then contact Coach Santoni. He was there for me during a tough time. He helped guide me through the whole process in the sale of my home.


~ Barbra Nichols

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